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RENTAL: Medela Symphony® Hospital-Grade Breast Pump

RENTAL:  Medela Symphony Hospital-Grade Rental Breast Pump.
The Symphony is Medela's unique innovation in a multi-user hospital-grade, electric double pump.   With breakthrough 2-Phase Expression pumping, the Symphony® is proven to reduce pumping time through faster let-down and milk flow while removing as much milk as a breastfeeding baby.   The Symphony® is the result of extensive research on electric breast pump initiated by Medela and conducted by internationally renowned lactation researcher Peter Hartmann, PhD.  

Please call 512-326-9308 for registering for a breast pump rental.  You are unable to order or register for the breast pump online.

Flange Fitting Hints:

Should you feel you need a smaller or a larger flange (horn that attaches to the breastshield adapter/base), please inquire about our Pump/Flange Consultations with one of our professionals.   We also can check the efficiency of your pump during this consultation. Please call Special Addition 512-326-9308 to inquire about scheduling an Office Pump/Flange Consult.

Features and Benefits:
  • 2-Phase Expression® technology designed to mimic a baby's natural nursing rhythm.
  • 2 Separate and independent membrane units allows switching between single and double pumping easily
  • Convenient single or double pumping.
  • Let-down button allows moms to easily return to the stimulation phase.
  • Proven to initiate and maintain milk supply.
  • Initiate and maintain milk supply when direct breastfeeding is not possible.
  • Hospital grade (multi-user) using a pump kit that is separate from the pumping mechanism unlike single-user breastpumps.
  • Symphony with Rechargeable Battery equipped with 2 internal rechargeable batteries.
  • Symphony Plus/Symphony Preemie ™ for initiating milk production for pump-dependent mothers until milk comes in.
  • Lightweight case for ease in transporting.
Accessories Description

Medela Symphony® Double Pumping Kit is required for use with the Symphony.

Rental Contracts:
  • 1 Week (7 days) - $42
  • 1 Month (30 days) -   $87
  • 3 Month (90 days) - $207
  • 5 Month (150 days) $342
Contract Details:
  • Payment by credit card required
  • Deposit of $20 required
  • Current driver's license w/photo ID
  • Signed contract by individual accepting responsibility for use of the breastpump
  • Early Return penalty may apply for returns made prior to agreed upon contract.

RENTAL: Medela Symphony® Hospital-Grade Breast Pump


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