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About Us

Austin Birth Awards

Special Addition is a unique destination for moms and families.  Family owned since 1994, Special Addition offers over 5300 sq. ft. of beautifully displayed mommy and baby must-haves, private Lactation Consult rooms, a large classroom, and Mothers' Nursing Room.  You may visit our retail brick and mortar store, browse and shop our website, call our toll free number to order, and even register online for one of the many classes we offer.  If it relates to pregnancy or breastfeeding, we hope you will find the clothing, gear, and services you need at Special Addition! Concerned about theft of packages delivered to your door or need your products today?  Read more about our Special Addition Concierge Curb-side Services for our Austin Metro Customers.  We are all about customer service! At Special Addition, we take pride in our complete line of maternity and nursing fashions, our baby boutique selection, our breastpump rental, sales and servicing, and professional services.  We always appreciate our loyal customers who believe in SHOPPING LOCAL and supporting local merchants as well as the value of personal customer service that is not found in today's shopping trend of Big Box Stores or online impersonal websites. We are here to discuss your needs by phone, email, or in person!  If you are not in the Austin Metro Area and need guidance in selecting bras, abdominal supports, fashions, etc., please call our toll free number 888-806-BRAS(2727) or email us.  We are here to be your Personal Shopper! Thanks for taking time to read ALL ABOUT US at Special Addition.  Please come in or browse our website to see why our business is truly a unique shopping and support experience!  We invite you to join our Special Addition FAMILY!

Special Addition 7301 Burnet Road, Suite 200M Austin, Texas 78757 1-888-806-BRAS (2727) / 512-326-9308
Monday - Friday
10:00 to 6:00 (CT)
10:00 to 5:00 (CT)

If you are just beginning your pregnancy, Special Addition should be your first stop for the most versatile clothing to take you through your pregnancy, breastfeeding, and after. During and After Clothing is always a very wise investment to make this special time in your life a memorable, wonderful time – a time when you deserve comfortable, chic clothing to help you feel good about your blossoming body; clothing to travel with you throughout your pregnancy, breastfeeding and postpartum journey. We offer probably the largest selection of specially designed clothing for breastfeeding in all of Texas!

Eliminate the guessing about bra size by being fitted by one of our expert bra fitters. Each fitter knows our bra inventory very well and can guide you through the maze of finding bras with the right fit, fabric, and style. Because of the different fabrics and sizing used by different manufacturers, you will find that being fitted by an experienced fitter will save you $ and frustration as you prepare the “home” for the hardest working part of your body in your breastfeeding journey. Light support bras with less structure are perfect for the first week after baby’s arrival. After the first week, when the rib cage is still shrinking, is the ideal time to be fitted for a more structured bra that offers firmer support and smooth lines under clothing. Be aware that the body changes drastically during pregnancy as well as after delivery.

Most expectant moms find that Pregnancy Abdominal Supports (or belts) offer great comfort to support the back and to lift the bump. There are also expectant moms who may be in need of a support to stabilize the pelvic ring. As the hormone, relaxin, begins to prepare the body for delivery, everything loosens up, and maternity supports will provide the relief needed. After baby’s arrival – and especially after the arrival of multiples – a postpartum support will not only help support the extra belly tissue, but some will also help “shrink the hips” and support the pelvic ring as the hormone, relaxin, leaves the body during the first two months postpartum. Our trained fitters are available to fit a support, and moms can walk around test driving one before purchasing. There are lighter supports as well as more “heavy duty” ones. Not in the Austin Metro? Call us! We’ll discuss which support would be most appropriate for you

Every mom and dad wants the cutest clothes for their new bundle of joy, and you’ll find the perfect take-me-home outfit for those first photos or heirloom gowns and dresses for passing down to his or her baby! Keep baby in fashion with the softest and newest styles from KissyKissy, Zutano, Magnificent Baby, Paty and many other brand names. You will find quality fabrics in ultra-soft bamboo and cotton, easy magnetic closure gowns, and unique fashions for memorable photos! From bamboo swaddling wrap blankets to swaddling outfits from Woombie to luxurious blankets to sweet bows for the little princess to the cutest baby shoes to cloth diapering – and everything in-between! It should all be under one roof at Special Addition.

Puzzled about baby carriers?? We’ve assisted moms and dads in baby wearing with adjustable ring slings, modified wraps, and soft structured carriers for many years. Don’t just pick up a boxed carrier off the shelf of a Big Box Store or order online from an anonymous, impersonal website! Call to speak with one of our experienced staff. For our Austin Metro customers, check out our LOANER PROGRAM for test driving each different style. Our staff is very experienced in helping moms and dads choose the correct size and style of carrier as well as instructing on safely wearing your baby. Get the right fit, the right style, and a LOANER trial at Special Addition!

Having rented, sold, and serviced Medela, Ameda, Hygeia, and now Spectra breastpumps over the years, Special Addition offers expert advice and service, competitive pricing, and a complete line of replacement parts for your breastpump. If you purchase your pump from Special Addition, you are entitled to FREE SERVICE for pump checks. There is a minimal charge for pumps not purchased here. Please call for a PUMP CHECK appointment. If you need to learn how to use your breastpump or are puzzled about the correct size breastpump flange, our consultants offer a Breastpump/Flange Fitting CONSULT. They work by appointment to instruct on the use of your pump and advise of the correct size breastpump flange. For hands-free pumping, you’ll find hands-free bras, bustiers, and tanks to meet your specific size and pumping need. Come in for a professional fitting, or if you are an online shopper, call to speak with one of our fitters about the style and size to best meet your need. Drop by the store to weigh your baby on our Medela Baby Weigh Scale that weighs precisely to 1/10 oz. We will instruct you on “before and after feeding” weight checks, and you may even rent the scale for home use.

At Special Addition, we strive to carry only the BEST products – not the MOST! We carefully choose the accessories that we offer. If it’s related to pregnancy or breastfeeding, we hope we have all the best tools including a well-designed nursing stool; pregnancy and breastfeeding/feeding pillows; feeding bottles, storage, and cleaning supplies; skin care for baby and mom; nursing covers and scarves; galactogogues and herbal supplements i.e. capsules, tinctures, cookies, snack bars, cereals and teas to help boost milk production. We listen to our customers, too, so please suggest new products that we might not have yet discovered.

You’ll spend many hours cuddling and feeding your baby, so be as comfortable as you can be in a quality recliner, glider or rocker – just your size – from a company that manufactures in the U.S., delivers in 3.5 weeks, builds only hardwood frames, and stands behind their products. Come in to try out the many Best Chairs models. You may buy from our floor models or special order from a myriad of fabrics and styles offered not just through the Best Chairs Storytime Collection but from the entire Best Home Furnishings Collection! You will receive your chair in 3.5 weeks from the time we place your order. We can also deliver your chair to your home. Are you in a hurry because you’ve procrastinated on getting a chair? Ask about our expedited ordering option. Ordering from outside the Austin Metro area? This might be arranged. Ask to speak with the person who manages our Best Chairs Department for details.

We offer the expertise of four International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC). They are not Certified Lactation Consultants (CLC) or Certified Breastfeeding Educators (CBE) who are trained, possibly, over a weekend. IBCLC’s are board certified after many months or years of training. They are able to assess obstacles and problems in feeding your baby, offer a written plan, and follow up with communication with each mom until her problem is resolved. They will also make written communication with your healthcare provider as part of the follow up.

Breastfeeding should NOT be uncomfortable, and if it is, seek assistance from an IBCLC right away. Trying to “ride out” the first week will usually cause a problem to worsen and possibly impact the milk supply. Seek assistance early.

Prenatal and Postpartum consults are offered in our offices or your home and last approximately 1.5 hours. Consultations with multiples are approximately 2 hours. Our consultants are extremely dedicated and will continue with follow-ups via phone, email, or text until a mom reaches her breastfeeding goals. If problems arise in feeding an older baby, a telephone consult at a reduced fee may be all that is needed.

Each of our sales staff is a Certified Breastfeeding Educator with many years experience in answering basic questions regarding breastfeeding, breastpumps, carriers, and the many products we offer.

You will find a number of class choices at Special Addition. Held in our classroom are

If you are looking for a class not listed, please tell us! We have other classes under consideration and are always open to suggestions!