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Ameda Platinum™ Hospital Grade Rental Breastpump


Ameda's Platinum™ Hospital Grade Rental Breastpump is ideal for short and long-term pumping needs!

The newest of the Ameda Breastpumps, the durable and innovative 9 lb Platinum™  hospital grade rental breast pump has been proven with clinical research to be the most effective breast pump for establishing and maintaining increased milk production for preterm and full term infants. The Platinum pump is Ameda's top-of-the line product built for clinical use.   It is available for moms to rent and use in their own homes or work-place settings.

Should you feel you need a smaller or a larger breastshield, please inquire about our Pump/Flange Consultations with one of our professionals.   We also can check the efficiency of your pump during this consultation. Please call Special Addition 512-326-9308 to inquire about scheduling an Office Pump/Flange Consult.

  • Lightweight for ease in transporting.
  • Perfect engineering for long-term use, including establishing and maintaining milk production.
  • Vacu-Sense Technology providing consistent suction during double and single pumping and at varying altitudes.
  • Separate soft-touch, push-button vacuum and cycle controls.
  • Well-lit LCD displays include a timer to help following pumping protocols, day or night.
  • Whisper-quiet operation and automatic suction.
  • Built-in double bottle holders to keep bottles stable.
  • Easy-to-clean flat front control panel,
  • Includes carrying case for transporting
  • Uses Ameda HygieniKit

The Ameda HygieniKit is necessary with the Ameda Platinum Breastpump. Ameda Platinum™ Rental Contracts: 1 Week (7 days) - $29.26 1 Month (30 days) -   <s>$69.00</s> $49 3 Month (90 days) - $207 5 Month (150 days) $337.50 Contract Details:
  • Payment by credit card required
  • Deposit of $20 required
  • Current driver's license w/photo ID
  • Signed contract by individual accepting responsibility for use of the breastpump
  • Early Return penalty may apply for returns made prior to agreed upon contract.

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