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Spectra2 Double Electric Breastpump

Lightweight, portable, and double pumps!
¹The S2 Double Electric Breast Pump offers lightweight portability.  This breast pump    is designed to truly meet the needs of moms who want to feel confident that they have an effective breastpump to support supply while also incorporating features to make life a little easier. Product notes:
  • While Spectra may have "hospital strength" with a maximum of 250 mmHg, this is not an actual hospital grade pump that is rented or found in hospitals.
  • Need more portability with a built-in battery?  The Spectra1 may be a more appropriate pump for you.
  • Additional flange sizes available separately - 24mm; 28mm; 30mm
If you are in the Austin area and have questions about the size of breastpump flanges for your pumping needs, ask about our Breastpump/Flange Consult Appointment with one of our IBCLC consultants.  Call 512-326-9308 or email customerservice@maternityandnursing.com.
  • Maximum suction strength of 250 mmHg
  • Use for single or double pumping
  • Flexible digital controls
  • Adjustable suction levels in let-down and expression modes
  • Timer and night light
  • Backflow protection
  • Light weight – 4 lbs.Powdered by AC adapter
  • Price includes cost of pump and all accessories for double pumping

  • 1 x Pump Accessory Kit (24 mm flanges)
  • 2 x Collection Bottles w/lids
  • 1 x A/C Adapter
  • 1 x Instruction Manuel

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