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Bravado Beaucoup In-Bra Pumping Bra

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Hands-free pumping at its very best.  The Bravado Beaucoup In-Bra Pumping Bra is designed specifically for in-bra pumping!  With increased cup capacity and reduced compression, this bra easily carries and cupports an in-bra pump while providing optimal comfort to moms.  Featuring Eco-Adapt fabric, this bra has been technically designed to allow for ease in adjustment while pumping to get that perfect fit.  the easy grip slider in the front makes it smooth and simple to adjust the strap length and there is a special back slider that keeps the adjusted straps in place once the desired length is achieved.  The straps are also longer  in overall length allowing for enough extension to accommodate an in-bra pump comfortably and securely plus the ability to criss-cross if desired for extra support.  Perfect for breastfeeding, this bra is styled in a beautiful jacquard print that makes this bra also one of the prettiest bras!

Made with sustainable fibers!

No sales tax on this item for Texas Residents.

  • Specifically designed with stretch and adjustability for fit and optimal comfort while pumping.
  • Designed with increased sup capacity and reduced compression needed while in-bra pumping
  • Front adjustable strap slide for adjustment throughout the day.
  • Back adjustable strap slider for strap length adjustment
  • cushioned wider straps to reduce shoulder pressure
  • Trims and fabrication have increased stretch for size fluctuation and when pumping
  • Seamless design
  • One handed B clips for easy nursing access
  • Higher neckline for fuller coverage
  • Multi-way adjustable strips for traditional or criss-cross back adjustments
  • removable foam inserts
  • Knit-in all over with feminine jacquard floral print for smooth shape under clothing
  • Perfect for full breast shapes
  • Main body:  69% recycled nylon, 21% virgin nylon; 10% spandex
  • Bottom Band:  66% recycled nylon, 20% virgin nylon; 14% spandex
  • Foam Insert Lining:  100% polyester
  • Foam:  100% polyurethane


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