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East Coast

Compression Garment Donner & Applicator by Ezy-As™


For ease in applying compression stockings or sleeves, the Ezy-As™ Donner is the answer!
One of the most effective donners & applicators for compression garments, the Ezy-As™ is the solution for donning compression stockings and sleeves. With a sturdy, hard frame, the Ezy-As™ will not collapse on itself, can be used with the Ezy-As™ Handles, and is the perfect donner for the patient to use himself or for another person to assist in applying compression garments.   If reaching the feet isn't easy due to pregnancy, surgery, back pain, or limited motion, add the Ezy-As™ Handles. A wonderful aid for donning knee, thigh, or waist highs as well as armsleeves. Ezy-As™ applicators are available in three color coded sizes for easy identification.   See Fitting Hints.

Size: Large, Medium, Small

Clean with warm water and mild detergent.   If disinfection is required, the applicator may be wiped with a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution.   Do NOT use solvents or subject to steam sterilization.

Based on Calf & Upper Arm Measurements:
  • Red/Small:   28-35 cm   (11-13.5 inches)
  • Yellow/Medium:   32-40 cm   (12.5-15.75 inches)
  • Blue/Large:   38-47 cm   (15-18.5)
  • Quick & Easy to Use with Comfort & Control
  • Practical for Arm or Leg Applications
  • Works with Open & Closed To Stockings
  • Robust, Durable, & Easy to Clean
  • Color-Coded Sizes for Easy Identification

Size chart not available for this product.

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