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In-Person & Virtual Lactation Consultations

In this uncertain time of the pandemic, moms still need to be supported and babies still need to be fed.

The services at Special Addition for lactation consultations are now offered through In-Person/In-Office Visits as well as Virtual Telehealth consults. You may choose your preference and feel confident that you will receive the best and most professional breastfeeding assistance whether your consult is in person or virtual.

In-Person consultations are held in our offices and will include doing feeding weights to determine your baby’s intake, observing and helping you & baby improve latching, and addressing each of your concerns.  You will be given a written plan and be able to continue contact with your consultant through HIPPA Compliant emails or text messaging should you need follow-ups after your visit.  We ask that you wear a mask whether you are vaccinated or are un-vaccinated as consultations involve our consultant to work closely with you and baby.  You will, also, be given a Superbill that has all the information needed for filing against your insurance for reimbursement.

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    Virtual lactation consultations will cover all your concerns about your current breastfeeding experience.  If determining baby’s intake of breastmilk at a feeding is one of the goals for your consultation, you will be offered a complimentary loaner BabyWeigh™ scale to use for the virtual consultation.  Our virtual consultations have been very successful over the past 1 1/2 years.  Our consultants are very experienced and know precisely what to look for when doing breastfeeding evaluations.  Once you are scheduled for your virtual visit, you will be contacted with the information for joining your consultant for the virtual visit.  Following your consult, a breastfeeding plan and Superbill will be emailed to you.

    Please call 512-326-9308 or email to schedule.    You will be given an option for day and time as well as the information for prepping for your consult and arranging for a loaner scale, if needed.

    The first weeks of a baby’s life are the most important time to establish breastfeeding and milk supply.  Please don’t delay in getting assistance. If you have suddenly begun having problems even after a successful period of breastfeeding, don’t wait and attempt to figure out the problem on your own.  Problems often become exacerbated with delays.

    We look forward to supporting you and your baby through this world health crisis as well as helping to get you on the road to a successful breastfeeding relationship with your baby!  We are here to help!